Resources for Law Firms - Williams Emtal Talc Settlement Fund

The deadline for filing claims was March 16, 2021. New claims can no longer be accepted.

How to Register Your Law Firm

Law firms seeking to file claims must first register with the Williams Emtal Asbestos Settlement Fund.

To register your firmplease send the completed documents below to

Please allow 2-3 business days for processing.

Once your firm has been registered, the individual whom you have designated as your Law Firm Administrator on the Registration Form will be given access to the Williams Emtal Talc Lucid Portal. The Law Firm Administrator will be able to create user accounts for other staff at your firm once they have logged into the Portal.

Filing Methods

Claims may be submitted individually or in batches through the Williams Emtal Talc Lucid Portal.

Instructions for uploading Claims in batches.

By Mail
You can also send a completed Claim Form by mail to:

Emtal Talc Settlement c/o Verus LLC
3967 Princeton Pike
Princeton, NJ 08540

Law Firm Registration Documents
  • Law Firm Registration Form

    Please complete this Form whether filing by mail or online. All law firms must register before submitting claims.

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  • Electronic Filer Agreement

    Executing this Form will allow you to gain access to the Williams Emtal Talc Lucid Portal to file claims electronically. Online filing is recommended for convenient and expeditious processing.

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  • W-9

    All registering law firms must submit a W9 for their firm.

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  • Claim Upload Instructions

    An import tool is available in the Williams Emtal Talc Lucid Portal for law firms seeking to file claims on behalf of multiple clients. Before using this tool, please register your firm and complete an Electronic Filer Agreement.

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